Destination Weddings in Europe & Beyond

A destination wedding in Europe is an opportunity to organize a very special and unique love celebration in a location that is meaningful to you. Europe has everything: beautiful and romantic locations, fascinating châteaux, wonderful vineyards, gorgeous cities, stunning landscapes and nature, surreal beaches, rich culture and history, incredible food, and magnificent architecture…

So many destinations that will take your breath away!

Whatever your preference is, Ze Events will help you decide on your favourite destination, select your preferred venue, and create an unforgettable event that is custom-made to your love story.


Do you dream of having a fairy-tale royal wedding in a magical château? Belgium is full of gems and has the largest number of castles per square metre in the world! Choosing to get married in a château in Belgium is an excellent choice to make your wedding day romantic and unforgettable.

A château wedding in Belgium is the celebration you will remember forever. The romantic and elegant castles will inspire your imagination with their unique architecture, intriguing history, and stunning surroundings of breath-taking landscapes. Choosing a château will make your fairy tale dream come to life!

The Ardennes


Walloon Brabant


Are you looking for a breathtakingly beautiful, romantic and exotic destination that is rich in history and culture? A wedding in Spain will let you create a lifetime of memories. Spain is an extremely diverse country that can offer something for every taste. It has everything from rocky beach coves, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, dramatic clifftops, dreamy villages, mountain venues with superb panoramic views, distinctive culture, world-class nightlife, incredible weather, and delicious food.





Greece is a beautiful country with so many picturesque islands to choose from. With virgin landscapes, fantastic beaches, and UNESCO heritage ancient sites, the country is a popular wedding destination. One of our favourite islands is Santorini which is a unique and enchanting volcanic island that combines spectacular scenery, ancient towns, beautiful contrasting white and blue vistas, incredible food, and a vibrant nightlife.





Italy is a magical country with some of the most beautiful and majestic landscapes in the world. It’s a dream destination that offers a wide variety of locations: The rolling hills of Tuscany, pristine waters and paradise beaches of Sardinia, luxurious terraces facing the beautiful Amalfi coast, timeless city landscapes of Rome or Florence, intertwining canals and romantic piazzas of Venice.





From the city of love, Paris, to the glamorous and luxurious French Riviera, the beautiful villages of Provence to the Loire Valley with its hundreds of spectacular châteaux and vineyards…there are plenty of fabulous destination wedding venues in a variety of breathtaking settings. Any of them would be perfect for your destination wedding in Europe!



French Riviera

The UK

Getting married in the UK is a dream for so many and a destination full of old-world charm. From glamour in cities and fairy-tale castles, to charm and refinement in the beautiful countryside, the UK promises something special, splendid, and luxurious for every taste.




Arabian Gulf

Surround yourself with absolute luxury while saying “I do” by swaying palm trees and views of the turquoise Arabian Gulf waters. Choose from many options of luxury hotels and pristine private beaches for an unforgettable VIP dream destination wedding.

Do you want a unique & beautiful wedding?