10 Reasons to Have a Castle Wedding in Belgium

Reasons to have a Castle Wedding in Belgium. Plan your wedding with Ze Events

There are so many reasons to have a castle wedding in Belgium. Castles have an undeniable charm and offer a unique atmosphere that can make your wedding day feel like a fairy-tale. It might be the magical feeling that engulfs you in dreamy and romantic settings; the gorgeous nature and spectacular views surrounding the castles that leave you awestruck; the impressive history of each castle that takes you to an enchanting “once upon a time” moment; the picture-perfect enchanting locations that make your memories so special and unforgettable; or the glamorous sensations that make you feel like royalty. Tying the knot with the love of your life in a château will certainly make your fairy-tale dream wedding come to life!

These are TEN reasons why you should get married in a castle in Belgium.
1. Many Unique Gems to Choose From

Belgium is full of gems and has the largest number of castles per square metre in the world! With more than three thousand castles, many of them have been converted into luxury hotels or event spaces providing grand and opulent accommodation for you and your guests. Staying in a castle can provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the luxurious amenities and facilities will ensure that you and your guests have a comfortable and memorable stay. Your wedding planner could recommend the best castle that would suit your needs.

2. Rich and Intriguing History and Culture

Belgium has a rich history, and many of its castles have a deep-rooted history and architectural significance. Getting married in a castle provides a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s unique culture and heritage. You can incorporate local traditions and customs into your wedding celebration, making it a truly authentic and memorable experience.

Choosing to get married in a castle with such a rich cultural heritage can provide a unique backdrop for your wedding, giving it a sense of grandeur and significance. Wandering through the elegant castle interiors is an opportunity to walk you through centuries of rich and enchanting history. It will give you and your guests magical moments as you imagine all those that have walked through the grand entrances and sweeping staircases at different moments in history. Subsequently, getting married in a castle will make you part of the castle’s history as well!

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3. Breathtaking Landscapes

Castles in Belgium are set in some of the most beautiful countryside settings. With lakes, forests, orchards, and stunning gardens as your surroundings, you and your guests could enjoy refreshing nature walks, cocktails in gorgeous gardens and landscaped grounds, and inspiring and relaxing environments ideal for exclusivity, incredible vibes and a magical ambiance for your special day.

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4. Picture-Perfect Backdrops

Belgium is known for its stunning natural landscapes, and many castles are situated in picturesque locations surrounded by lush greenery, gardens, and forests, which make for breathtaking wedding photos. Castles are special for their individuality and uniqueness that you cannot ever find in any other setting. Be it the impressive entrances, the elegant and grand interiors, the breathtaking exterior, the stunning grounds, the spectacular nature and views surrounding the castles, as well as the gorgeous landscaped gardens all provide the perfect fairy-tale backdrop for photos to make them ever so special and unforgettable!

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Dancing and falling in love in front of a castle during a breathtaking sunset
5. Live Like Royalty–Exclusively

When choosing your castle, you could book the entire place just for you and your guests. So, the castle would be exclusively yours for as many days as you choose! That way, you would have the freedom to roam around the castle grounds, privately with just you and your guests, to enjoy the spaces for the entirety of your special event. These would include your photo shoot, your wedding ceremony, the cocktail, dinner, and the party that will keep you and your guests dancing all night long–and don’t forget the fun and exciting pre and post wedding events as well! Contact your wedding planner who can recommend an entire set of events and activities for your wedding day or week!

Reasons to have a Castle Wedding in Belgium. Plan your wedding with Ze Events
6. Unique and Inspiring Setting to Make it Completely Your Own

A castle wedding in Belgium can provide a truly unique atmosphere that will make your special day feel like a fairy-tale. The grandeur of the castle, combined with the surrounding natural beauty, can create a magical ambiance that will make your wedding day unforgettable. Whether you are aiming for a glamorous celebration, or an intimate and more casual event, you can certainly create your special day in any way you dream it. Your wedding planner can create an opulent ambiance with lavish decoration, or plan your intimate event to make the wedding of your dreams come true based on your vision and the style of your choice.

Reasons to have a Castle Wedding in Belgium. Plan your wedding with Ze Events
7. Everything You Need in One Perfect Place

Castles include all you will need for your wedding: Glamorous ballrooms, picturesque gardens, fascinating medieval cellars, romantic chapels, banquet areas and party spaces. Moreover, many castles also include spas and luxury accommodations for the wedding couple and many or all of their guests. Some also have children’s playrooms so the little ones can stay entertained and then sleep if the wedding continues until the wee hours. Many castles also have restaurants where the wedding couple and their guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and brunch on the days before and after the wedding day, especially if they are sleeping at the château.

Castles often have ample space to accommodate larger weddings and events, making them ideal for those who want to celebrate with a large number of guests. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding or a grand celebration, a castle in Belgium can provide the perfect venue to accommodate your needs!

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8. All Year Round Fairy-tale Weddings

An impressive structure that has stood strong for centuries will absolutely guarantee an all year round magical wedding. During the spring and the summer months, you can combine the exquisite gardens with the castle interior for a complete castle experience. During the fall and winter months, there’s no better opportunity to get the fire roaring in the fireplaces for an even more romantic and cozy event of a lifetime. Or, have the gorgeous snow in your backdrop for that dreamy fairy-tale experience. No matter the season, a castle wedding will give you memorable moments you could capture in photos and videos!

Reasons to have a Castle Wedding in Belgium. Plan your wedding with Ze Events
Romantic wedding couple in a castle front yard in autumn
9. Relax and Enjoy a Rural Setting

Many castles are situated in remote locations, providing the perfect opportunity for a private and intimate wedding. The seclusion and privacy of a castle can provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere, allowing you to focus on each other and enjoy your special day. Escaping the crowd, hustle and bustle of the city life is a luxury you would definitely enjoy with your guests. Spending the day, a few days or even longer in the castle’s rural setting will absolutely relax you and your guests for an unforgettable experience. Transportation could easily be organized for you and your guests by your wedding planner.

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10. Gourmet Cuisine
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A castle ballroom decorated for a party with fairy lights

The last (but not least) of the 10 reasons to have a Castle Wedding in Belgium is that Belgium is famous for its gourmet cuisine. Many castles offer exquisite dining experiences or partner with top-notch caterers, providing the perfect opportunity to indulge in the country’s culinary delights. You can absolutely customize your menu to suit your tastes and preferences. This will ensure that your wedding reception is a memorable and delicious experience for you and your guests!

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These were the 10 reasons to have a castle wedding in Belgium, which will absolutely be the celebration you remember forever. A castle wedding in Belgium is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. The grandeur, luxury, and historical significance of the castle will make your wedding day a truly unforgettable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

If you dream of having a fairy-tale wedding in a magical castle, contact Ze Events now to help you choose the perfect château and to make your dream wedding come to life!

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